Dates: 13-15 December 2012*

Location: National Science Foundation Stafford I (main building) Room 375, Arlington, VA

Workshop Program: Draft agenda (11-12-12) below

*The workshop will take place December 13 and 14. Scribes for the workshop will remain at NSF on December 15 for the preparation of the workshop report (see Information for Scribes page).


Thursday, December 13, 2012

7:30 AM   Continental Breakfast
8:00 AM   Welcome -  Subra Suresh,  Director, NSF
8:10 AM  

Celeste Rohlfing, Assistant Director,

Mathematical and Physical Sciences Directorate 

8:15 AM  

Ian Robertson, Division Director,

Division of Materials Research

8:20 AM  

Juan De Pablo, University of Chicago

Opening meeting and Plenary Session


Plenary Session

8:30 AM   Tom Kalil, OSTP 
9:00 AM   Mathias Scheffler, Fritz Haber Institute
9:30 AM   Peter Littlewood, Argonne National Laboratory
10:00 AM   Discussion
10:10 AM   Break

Energy and the Environment

Session Chair: Greg Voth (U Chicago)

10:30 AM   Jens Norskov, Stanford University  
10:50 AM    Christopher Jones, Georgia Tech
11:10 AM   Gerd Ceder, MIT
11:30 AM   Yet-Ming Chiang, MIT
11:50 AM   Sarah Tolbert, UCLA
12:10 PM   Alex Zunger, University of Colorado-Boulder 
12:30 PM   Discussion
12:50 PM   Lunch (on your own)

Hard Condensed Matter I

Session Chair: Art Ramirez (UCSC)

1:50 PM   Emily Carter, Princeton University
2:10 PM   Chris Van de Walle, UCSB
2:30 PM   Chris Palmstrom, UCSB
2:50 PM   Charles Kane, University of Pennsylvania
3:10 PM   Discussion 
3:25 PM   Break

Hard Condensed Matter II

Session Chair: Barbara Jones (IBM)

3:40 PM   Stuart Parkin, IBM Almaden
4:00 PM   Karin Rabe, Rutgers
4:20 PM   Tresa Pollock,  UCSB
4:40 PM   John Allison, University of Michigan
5:00 PM   Peter Voorhees, Northwestern University
5:20 PM   Discussion 
6:00 PM  

Reception hosted by University of Chicago's

Institute of Molecular Engineering at Hilton Arlington Masters Ballroom (2nd floor)

7:00 PM   Dinner (on your own)

Friday, December 14, 2012

7:30 AM  



Education and Workforce Development

Chair: Mark Asta (UC Berkeley)

8:00 AM   Katsuyo Thornton, University of Michigan
8:20 AM   Ka Yee Lee, University of Chicago
8:40 AM   Vincent Crespi, PSU
9:00 AM  



Organic Crystals and Amorphous Solids

Chair: Daniel Lacks (Case Western)

9:20 AM   Mike Ward, NYU
9:40 AM   Greg Rutledge, MIT
10:00AM   Mark Ediger, University of Wisconsin
10:20AM   Adam Ellison, Corning
10:40AM   Discussion 



Polymers and Molecular Level Manufacturing

Chair: Fernando Escobedo (Cornell)

11:20AM   Paul Nealey, University of Chicago
11:40AM   Jay Schieber, IIT
12:00PM   Frank Bates, UMN
12:20PM   Marcus Mueller, U. of Goettingen
12:40PM   Discussion 
1:00 PM   Lunch (on your own)

Soft Condensed Matter and Biomaterials

Chair: Ed Maginn (Notre Dame)

1:50 PM   Kenneth Schweizer, UIUC
2:10 PM   Matt Tirrell, University of Chicago
2:30 PM   Monica Olvera, Northwestern University
2:50 PM   David Weitz, Harvard University
3:10 PM   Sharon Glotzer, University of Michigan
3:30 PM   Dirk Broer, Technishe U. Eindhoven
3:50 PM   Discussion
4:10 PM  




Chair: Ian Foster (Director, Computation Institute University of Chicago)

4:30 PM   Francois Gygi, UC Davis
4:50 PM   Blake Fitch, IBM
5:10 PM   Discussion
5:20 PM   Adjourn